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Our services go beyond
creating individual pieces.

Mademoiselle D strives to brand, design and conceptualize a detailed flow for your event. From inviting your beloved guests, welcoming them the day of and assigning them to their seats, giving them a customized menu and much more, we will make your guests remember your event for years to come.


The investment cost for the conception services is priced at minimum 1,500$ CAD which can be applied towards multiple stationery purchases such as a combination of your invitations, menus, programs and custom piece and more.

Our luxury boxes are custom-made. A wide selection of sizes is offered to you to answer your needs. As for the materials, we work with acrylic, velvet, faux-leather, foil and more. The possibilities are endless!


The investment cost for the conception is of a minimum of 350$ CAD.


You have an idea for a custom piece or you only need the missing piece
to complete your gift?

Contact us and we will create your project today!