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About Us

Event branding and Handmade luxury gift boxes

We bring that exceptional touch of elegance and glamour for every social or corporate event.


Our unique creations will leave your guests speechless.

Mademoiselle D brings style, distinction and luxury at your fingertips!

Whether it is for handmade luxury cards, gift boxes or acrylic cut-outs, each piece is carefully hand-crafted to embody the theme and style of your event in all its splendour.

Mademoiselle D

More then 11 years of experiences

Behind Mademoiselle D shines a great project manager and Designer called Donna. With 3 diplomas at hand in the fields of printing, preprint infographics, web design and web programming, her expertise allowed her to create projects from the design conception all the way to the production.

We take pride into our craft, which has been perfected over the years and allowed us to be named Trailblazer by Sandi Spell’s the Art of  Stationery conference.

Our work was also featured in many leading publications in the industry, such as Wedluxe, Elegant Weddings, Today’s Bride and more.

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