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It's All About The Details

Mademoiselle D


Impress your guests
with a spectacular touch

Acrylic wood menu - Mademoiselle D

Who is Mademoiselle D?

A touch of distinction for your events

Mademoiselle D, It's all about having a special personalize, unique and creative touch for your event. We brainstorm your event, design and produce the pieces in our studio. It is all here for you!

Mademoiselle D it's all about the detail of your event.

Impress your guests
with a spectacular touch

We are creators of tailored bespoke customs pieces. 

Working with
Mademoiselle D is just great, especially if you want something out of the ordinary.


You are sure to have a quality product that will exceed your expectations. 


It is always my first choice for my productions because I know it will always deliver something original.

Marie Adolphe,M.A. Signature Events


We make your dream a reality to give your event a thematic and cohesive look

What we do


Mademoiselle D is ...

A touch of Luxury at your fingertips!


What we promise?

A touch of Luxury at your fingertips!

Urban Glam Styled Shoot-46.jpg

Upscale your event

Want to know how to upscale your event?

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